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Second Chances

Taking commitment and hard work and adding new skills and accountability for a successful new future.

Finding new Opportunities

Helping you get the skills to get the job!

Learning New Skills


Second chances don't always come easy but with appropriate support and accountability, ex-offenders can successfully build a bright new future.  360TCI can't do this alone - we need your help!  Please join us in building a stronger community!

Rising to the Challenge

Successfully moving from prison back to the community can be a tough journey.  From finding housing and employment to learning new skills and reuniting with your family, the challenges can feel overwhelming.  We, at 360 Transformation Center (360TCI), are here for you.  We have built relationships with local employers and landlords.  We can assist with learning needed skills and even provide transportation to work for the clients we serve.  The important message is don't give up!  360TCI is here to help you successfully build a new future for yourself and your family.  To find out more call us at 717-331-1249

360TCI is a 501(c)3 non profit committed to assisting individuals who are transitioning from the corrections systems back into the local community.  Currently we are working with ex-offenders in Adams and Franklin Counties.

Ex-Offenders - don't throw in the towel.  We can help you build a new brighter future!


Even if you have applied at local temp agencies and they have said they could not help you, 360TCI  can help you!  We have built relationships with many of the temp agencies and work in partnership with them to help you find employment.  We can provide the skills you need to get the jobs you want so you can be self-supporting! 

Who is 360 Transformation Center?

360TCI offers programs that can assist ex-offenders in successfully transitioning back into the community.  From Life skills to transportation, we provide tangible support that can help our clients achieve success!